Women’s Health Week

Women’s Health Week

shutterstock_164990474This week is National Women’s Health week and we are excited to be sharing information all week on our Facebook page – and today we have our first blog of the month to provide you some information on the simple things that make a huge difference in continuing your good health.

Habits that you form early on in life can really affect the way your body reacts as you get older.  Start by being active. It is easier to be active throughout your years, instead of trying to start up later or after an injury.  Walking is the easiest way to start. Need something to hold you accountable? Join a group through your church or community so you have people who will look forward to you participating each week!

Sleep seems like something you can do later – the moment is now! While this is true, it shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence. Sleep helps you fight off stress in your body which can cause high blood pressure and a weakened immune system. Give yourself a chance by doing something so simple. The payoff will be huge.

Properly fueling your body for the activities you will be partaking in. This includes your daily routine of work! You need to keep the items you eat low in sugar and fat. Items that are high in calories should also be avoided. You don’t want to skip a meal and end up paying for it later by getting tired or risking injury. Your body needs food to remain healthy and able to perform natural functions.

Every person is different in their needs, so talking to your doctor is always a great idea when you are wanting to start something new, or are feeling like something is off. Why not schedule a check-up today?



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