Why is it important to know your family’s medical history?

Why is it important to know your family’s medical history?

If you’ve ever been to the doctor’s office, and we hope that you have been at some point in your life, you’ve had to fill out a family medical history form. You don’t really know why, you just fill it out. A family medical history form is a way for your doctor to have some insight into what you could be at risk of and it can help them link certain conditions.

The importance of knowing your family’s medical history is important for all stages of life.


If you are pregnant or you are trying to get pregnant, it’s very important to know your family’s medical history. This way if your family has a history of some kind of disease that affects the mother or the baby you will be aware so you can look for early signs of potential health problems.


Several genetic disorders do not show any signs until childhood. When you’re aware of your family’s medical history, you will be better prepared.

Young adults:

For issues like diabetes or heart disease, it is important to know if your family has a history with issues like these. You can take preventative measures to ensure a healthier life and begin testing for these issues. You may be required to change your diet or lifestyle to accommodate your family’s health history.


As you age, the more your family’s health history will dictate what types of tests or screenings you require for adequate preparation.

With each stage of life comes necessary knowledge of your family’s medical history. You may be wondering, well how do I know what everyone in my family’s medical history is? Here’s the trick, you have to ask. Your best source for information are the older people in your family, they already went through this and should know most of the red flags that have occurred throughout the family tree. Once you gather the information, share it with other family members, and they can share it and so on. Keeping everyone well informed and prepared is in the best interest of you and your family members.

And you should also know that if you discover some alarming information from your family’s medical history, don’t worry. It is never a guarantee that the same will happen to you, just consult with your doctor and they will take the best preventative measures to keep you healthy!

If you have any additional questions about gathering family medical information or the reasons why it is so important, let us know.

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