What You Need to Know About Seasonal Effective Disorder

What You Need to Know About Seasonal Effective Disorder

Alaskan winters can be tough. The coldness and darkness can have some pretty serious affects on a person. This is otherwise known as Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD).

If you or a family member tends to have heightened feelings of anxiety, mood swings, hopelessness, or sadness during the winter months, it could be Seasonal Effective Disorder. These emotions are often times accompanied by loss of appetite and trouble sleeping.

If you believe SAD is affecting you or a friend/family member go see a doctor for recommendations on how to handle the winter months. They may suggest a simple lifestyle change such as increasing your physical activity or they may recommend medications or therapies.

Seasonal Effective Disorder can affect just about any age group, so be sure to understand what it is and seek help if it is needed.

Our Alaskan winters are too beautiful to miss out on!

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