Obstetrics & Gynecology

After spending the last decade working in an academic environment, Dr. Fenton relocated to Anchorage bringing his wide-range of specialized skills to Alaska. He joined IPMS in 2016, and provides a carefully-crafted approach to patient care as he welcomes both obstetrical and gynecological patients.

The only OB/GYN physician at IPMS, Dr. Fenton personally provides evaluation, treatment, and management of patient care. Patients will not be shuttled from one physician to another; they will always see Dr. Fenton. From the initial evaluation through treatment, Dr. Fenton provides an individualized approach for each patient. He personally performs all office procedures – and if surgery is required – he will perform that too.

Committed to the best patient outcomes, Dr. Fenton specializes in minimally-invasive surgical techniques. For those who need laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Fenton uses the DaVinci robot to provide the best possible operative management.

Mothers-to-be can expect the utmost care for their health and that of their baby. Performing his own obstetrical sonograms, Dr. Fenton enjoys helping the mother understand how her baby is progressing. His personal cesarean section rate is well below the national average.

Originally from New York City, Dr. Fenton completed his MD, and a PhD in Anatomy and Neurobiology, at Boston University. His interest in Neurobiology led to further investigation into the challenging problem of chronic pelvic pain. He has lectured and written extensively on this topic, and serves on the Board of Directors for the International Pelvic Pain Society.

As Associate Professor, Research Coordinator, and Director of the Pelvic Pain Specialty Center at Summa Health in Akron, Ohio, Dr. Fenton was primarily responsible for teaching resident physicians minimally-invasive gynecologic surgery, inpatient obstetrics, and his specialty: the evaluation and management of chronic pelvic pain.

Dr. Fenton is an accomplished landscape photographer. The opportunity to photograph the panoramic vistas of Alaska was one of the draws for his relocation to Anchorage. As a patient, you will see many of his photographs gracing the walls of IPMS. His wife, Dr. Cydney Fenton, is a pediatric endocrinologist practicing in Anchorage. Married for over 25 years, they have five children scattered throughout the world. Dr. Fenton frequently elicits laughter by referring to them by number rather than name! He and his wife travel extensively, photographing the beauty of the natural world. Together they make up Fenton Photography.

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Dr. Fenton

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