Summer Safety Precautions

Summer Safety Precautions

It is great when kids get out and enjoy the summer, but safety is still important. The better prepared you and your children are, the safer your summer will be!

Any outdoor activity will require bug spray. We all know that the mosquitos in Alaska are a major annoyance. Nobody wants itchy bug bites to ruin the rest of our summer fun!

Whether four wheeling, bicycling, roller blading or any other summer activity, be sure that you and your family wear the correct safety equipment. If not, it could result in injury or concussion. In case of concussion, educate yourself on the signs and get them to a hospital if you suspect a concussion.

Many people believe that they do not need sunscreen here in Alaska, however, better safe than sorry. Keep you and your family protected from the sun during outdoor activities this summer.

Overall, enjoy this beautiful state and all it has to offer but don’t forget to stay safe!

General non-confidential inquiries can be made below. If this is an emergency, call 911.

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