Parenting A Picky Eater

Parenting A Picky Eater

We love our children. We do. We also love to make sure that they get everything they need to grow strong and healthy. Why don’t’ they understand that though? I mean seriously! If only they knew that just because it looks gross, it really isn’t. You try everything from the airplane flying into their mouth, the pretty plates, and hidden veggie approach. Let us take a look at a few different things to save sanity.

Your child may or may not be hungry – don’t force food onto them and don’t force them to eat things they don’t want. You may end up causing more harm than good. Creating a power struggle will cause more issues in the long run. You don’t want to associate feelings of anxiety with the dinner table. Try smaller portions or allow them to ask for the items.

Stick to the routine – eat at the same time every day. Allow them to get on a schedule and know when they are expected to eat. Try to offer only water between meals so that they do not fill up on juice or other beverages and decrease their appetite at meal time.

New foods need time – sometimes it takes more than one attempt to get a child to try something new. Remember the first time you were told to eat the casserole you couldn’t identify? After about the third time you tried it and it was actually good. Give them the same consideration.

Keep meal time fun – allow them to use their hands with some items (carrot sticks, celery, broccoli, etc.), use cookie cutters for fun shapes, and offer brightly colored foods. – when you are at the grocery store let them have a say in what you purchase. Don’t just buy everything they ask for, but allow them to make choices from what you present.  Allow them to take ownership when you get home by letting them help create the meal. Kids love to help.

Hopefully these steps help either give you something new to try or at least think about. Let us know what your tips are in the comments below.

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