Parenting A Picky Eater: Part II

Parenting A Picky Eater: Part II

shutterstock_125930732So we brought you some tips on how to help your picky eaters in our blog last month titled “Parenting a Picky Eater.”  Today we have some tricks on making most food choices fun enough, that they will want to eat them no matter what it is!

Mini Muffin Trays – Stuff bite size pieces of anything in each cup and hand them the tray. So many things to try! If you can, try and make things even more interesting by using different colored items like bright green kiwi, orange goldfish crackers, etc. What kid can’t resist bright colors and lots of things for them to stick their fingers in?

Pint Sized Foods – Mini corn dogs, cocktail sausages, grapes, mini anything! You can find lots of things in smaller, mini sizes these days due to the latest fads.  Kids like things that they can handle with their hands, and as much as we hate to say it, things they can walk around with.  Don’t fight it – embrace it. Let this work to your advantage, but set boundaries that they need to stay at the table.

Shaped Toothpicks – Kids love the idea of being able to play with their food. Convince them that the toothpick (which you can buy in a bulkier plastic instead of a sharp pointed piece of wood), is a sword and they can stab their food, or eat off of a sword.  Make it work for you – work harder, not smarter.  Some kids just don’t want boring, so you need to get creative at times.

Cookie Cutter Sandwiches – I don’t mean the same thing over and over. I mean use those cookie cutters that are in the drawer and cut their sandwich into shapes! Kids who hate the crust will love this especially. Next time you are at the store, keep an eye out for clearance cutters from the previous holiday.


Hopefully these are a few tricks that you can roll up your sleeve the next time you are at bat with that picky eater of yours.

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