Medical Checkups and the importance of prevention

Medical Checkups and the importance of prevention

Going to the doctor regularly is important for all ages. Regular checkups allow your doctors to detect illnesses and diseases in early stages when they are most treatable as well as prevent issues in the future. By catching things early, you reduce the risks associated with serious illnesses and disease and you lower the treatment costs when you catch the issue early before the illness or disease develops. Each stage of life comes with recommended checkups based on trends within the human body. Let’s take a look at these stages to determine what kind of checkup should be your next.

Your 20’s

Women are at a higher risk at this age for melanoma, HPV, high cholesterol and breast cancer. As a woman in your 20s, you should get an annual skin exam for signs of skin cancer. Have your doctor check your blood pressure at every check up and keep an eye on it. Check your cholesterol every 5 years, beginning in your 20s and be sure to schedule an annual pelvic exam and pap smear.

Men in their 20s are also at risk of developing melanoma and high cholesterol as well as testicular cancer. Men should also begin watching their cholesterol levels beginning at age 20. Their skin should be checked annually as well as scheduling annual testicular exams.

Your 30’s

In addition to their regular checkups, at the age of 30 women should begin checking their blood sugar levels every 5 years or so. Women are at an increased risk to develop type 2 diabetes. Men should begin adding blood sugar testing every 5 years or so to their routine as well. Depending on family health history, men may also add prostate checkups as well.

Your 40’s

As we get older, the issues we may need checkups for become more and more individualized based on our medical history as well as the medical history of family members. In your 40s, more cancer screenings will be recommended, as they will be in the years and life stages to come. The bottom line is that we should all know our family’s health history and we should visit our doctors regularly to be checked for possible health risks based on lifestyle habits as well as genetic connections. With every life stage your doctor will be able to point you in the right direction on how to better your health.

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