Lunch Ideas!

Lunch Ideas!

Your kids are going back to school and have decided to pack their lunch instead of purchasing one. You decide that this is a great option for you to help you cut down on making bad decisions.  Here are few that are both good for you and great tasting! If you have adventurous kids – they may like to try them also!

Roast beef and horseradish sauce is a great combination for those that are looking for a little kick and a wrap will being you in you at under 200 calories.  Great for meals that need to be on the go.

Cook an extra chicken breast at dinner and then shred it for tomorrow.  Add some greens, strawberries or any other berry, some nuts and maybe a light vinaigrette.  Take yourself back to summer with this light and refreshing salad that allows you to stay alert the rest of the day.

If the idea of a salad excites you, but you want to adventure outside of just greens, go for the traditional Caprese salad with mozzarella and tomatoes! Need just a little something extra? Add some tortellini or pieces of pancetta or prosciutto. There are no rules, make it your own!

Love your chicken? Add pineapple to it! This works no matter how you slice it, a sandwich, a salad, or even a wrap!

These are a few simple ideas – what is your favorite healthy lunch idea?

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