Keeping your Family Active During Winter

Keeping your Family Active During Winter

The cold winter months can make it difficult to stay active. It is so important to do the best you can to stay mobile this winter to keep your family healthy.

In Alaska, we have so many opportunities for winter activities:

Skiing/Snowboarding –

These fun winter sports offer an opportunity for family bonding while getting to see beautiful landscapes and have fun while you’re doing it. And you don’t have to go far. There are skiing and snowboarding options all around us!

Sledding –

For a more mild activity, sledding is a great way to stay active this winter, plus it’s fun! (Remember your helmet) How does it get better!

Build A Snow Fort/Obstacle course –

Get your family outside and construct a snow fort! This is also a great opportunity to work on teamwork skills. Work together to create an awesome snow fort! Make two and let the snow fight begin!

Ice Skating –

While we do have several indoor rinks, Alaska also has countless outdoor rinks to offer. Get out, lace up, and have fun!

Maybe you’d prefer to stay warm indoors; there are many options there as well!

Build an Indoor Fort/Obstacle course –

Utilize pillows and blankets to make the inside fun! And enjoy working together while remaining active.

Go To the Gym –

If your family has a gym membership, go to the pool, play tennis or any other gym activity that interests your family!

Sign up for Indoor Sports –

If your community offers indoor winter sports, give ‘em a try! There is a lot of sports to choose from, basketball, gymnastics, karate, dance, and many more.

Have a Dance Party –

Play some tunes and get your groove on! You don’t have to get fancy to stay active!

No matter what activities work best for your family, just try to get active for at least 15 minutes a day! This will benefit your families’ health as well as controlling your children’s energy levels. Nobody wants to stay cooped up all winter! So get creative and have fun with it!

And if you do decide to get out and bear the cold this winter, be sure to bundle up and stay safe!

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