Keeping Camping Healthy

Keeping Camping Healthy

Summertime is camping season and it can be tough to continue eating healthy on the road. Between pit stops and difficult cooking circumstances, it may be tempting to veer away from eating well.

Here are a few things to consider to keep you and your family on track while camping:

Mode of transportation/camping –

Will you be in a tent, RV, car or cabin? By keeping this in mind you can plan meals based on your cooking situation. You will also need to think about storing your food for the duration of your trip, will you need a cooler, plastic baggies, etc?

Activities –

What kind of activities will you be doing on your trip? You may chose to pack snacks and meals based on your planned or possible activities.

Food Options –

You may decide that having better food options is more important than other aspects of the camping trip, especially if you or a family member has specific food allergies or irritants.

And as always, stay hydrated during all of your outdoor activities!

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