Keep your reproductive system healthy

Keep your reproductive system healthy

Often overlooked, reproductive health is so important to our lives. If you plan on having a family one-day, it is in your best interest to keep your reproductive system in good shape. Make sure you know your body and when something abnormal happens. Definitely go see your doctor if you have any specific concerns with your body, don’t wait.

So how can you keep your reproductive system in good shape?

Keep a healthy diet and excersize

Having a healthy diet and good eating habits will benefit almost every part of your body and it is the root of several health issues. Make sure you’re getting the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a healthy body. Eating well will prevent an overgrowth of bad bacteria. Overall, try to stay away from sugar and too many carbs. Changes in your diet can also change your reproductive health. Avoid smoking and drinking if you can as well. Practice healthy exercise on a regular basis.

Practice safe sex

Keeping yourself protected from sexually transmitted diseases will really benefit your reproductive health in the long and short term. Several sexually transmitted diseases do not have a cure, so it is best to avoid that trouble all together.

Avoid harsh soaps and detergents

Harsh soap and detergents can really mess with your pH balance, which can cause several problems down the road. Be cautious of perfumes as well. Try to use soaps and detergents that are free of dyes and perfumes.

See your gynecologist regularly

If you notice anything out of the ordinary or if you notice an infection, see your gynecologist right away for treatment. You want to resolve the issue as soon as possible before additional issues arise. You should be tested regularly for any other issues and these tests can help prevent issues as well.

Keep your reproductive health in good shape by following the tips above. Treat your body correctly and maintain a healthy diet, practice safe sex and avoid harsh soaps and detergents. See your doctor regularly, especially if you notice any issues.

We hope these tips will help keep you in good health. If you have any health concerns or reproductive health related questions, schedule an appointment or give us a call. We would love to see you or answer any questions or concerns you may have.










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