Ivy Weakland PA-C

We Proudly Present
Ivy Weakland, PA-C

Ivy Weakland, PA-C

One of the newest members of the IPMS family, Ivy Weakland, is a certified Physician Assistant specializing in Women’s Health and Obstetrics. Originally from southern Oregon, Ivy attended Oregon Institute of Technology earning a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. When the time came for externship assignments, destinations were literally drawn from a hat! Ivy drew Alaska – and as they say – the rest is history. After living in Anchorage for ten years, it’s officially “home.”

Prior to becoming a Physician Assistant, she worked at Providence Hospital and South Central Foundation as a Registered Sonographer. During her eight years of experience, she was introduced to a variety of medical specialties. Her experiences as a sonographer drove her continued desire to provide a higher level of care to women and their families. To that end, she became a Physician Assistant through the University of Washington’s MEDEX Program.

Ivy is pleased to offer a unique combination of skills to her patients. In her practice as a PA, she continues to utilize her sonography expertise as a way to enrich and enhance patient care and convenience.

In her spare time, she enjoys family time with her husband and three active children (soon to be four). Like so many other Alaskans, Ivy and her family are drawn to the Alaskan wilderness. They are looking forward to purchasing their first airplane and traveling throughout remote Alaska.

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