Health & Wellness Habits

Health & Wellness Habits

Health habits are hard to start – especially when you don’t know where to begin. So why not begin with some simple steps to get you on the right track!

Drink more water. Even though this is a no-brainer to some, people do not get enough water.  Why not make it a game, or do it in conjunction with something. Drink a glass every time you log onto Facebook, or Pinterest. Don’t stop drinking until you are done.  You could even set a reminder on your phone every hour!

You like to walk, but is that all you are doing? Make sure you switch things up! Working the same muscles and the same exercises every time will make your body and your mind bored.  Find inspiration at a local gym that offers workout classes, or help from trainers in your gym.

Don’t forget to rest. You need to let your body recover, or you might risk overuse injury.  If you have been in your routine for a little while now, no rest will increase the likelihood of a plateau.

Stretch before and after your workout.  This will keep your muscles from tightening up and keep you from an injury later. Stretching will also help your flexibility and give you the ability to try new exercises.

You shower every day. You eat breakfast every day. You have coffee at the same coffee shop at 9:00 am, every day.  Why not make a routine habit of time and place that you get your exercise?  You could even put it right before your coffee date so that you have a reward for after!

These are just a couple great habits to start to keep your fitness and health in check! What do you like to do for your health?

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