Gearing up for Flu Season

Gearing up for Flu Season

As summer comes to a close, we must get prepared for the winter months ahead. This means getting your family vaccinated for flu season.

So, who should get vaccinated?

It is recommended that everyone 6 months old and up should get the flu shot every season. Though, always discuss this with your doctor prior to getting the vaccine as certain health issues and allergies could affect the type of vaccine you should get and they can tell you if you should not get the vaccine as well.

When should my family and I get vaccinated?

It is always recommended to get the vaccination as soon as they become available. October, this month, is the prime time to get vaccinated, however, vaccinations are usually offered throughout the entire flu season.

Why get vaccinated?

First and foremost, the flu vaccine can protect you from getting sick from the flu virus. And in the case that you do get sick, having had the flu shot helps keep the illness from getting serious which is particularly important to those who are very young or those who have health conditions.

With several types of vaccinations to consider along with personal health issues, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor before getting vaccinated.



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