Change for Student Pilots

Change for Student Pilots

This one is for all our student pilots out there. There has been a recent change to the way in which student pilot certificates will be issued.

These new changes are the result of new requirements under which, aviation medical examiners will no longer be issuing student pilots certificates. There are two options for future applicants and students. First, they may apply through a flight instructor. Or the second option allows them to apply in person through FAA inspectors at the flight standards district office, pilot examiners or an airman certificate representative. Whichever option is chosen, the representative will accept and process applications, but they will not issue the actual certificate.

These new requirements and changes are a result of a Congressional requirement, requesting that all pilot certificate applicants be screened by the TSA. Therefor, a student pilot must not receive their license the same day that they apply for it.

If the student is successfully vetted by the TSA, the only individuals that are authorized to issue the certificates are those in the FAA Civil Aviation Registry.

The FAA estimates that these changes will implement a three-week wait time between when the student applies for their certificate and when the certificate will actually be issued to them.

One of the best things that come with these new requirements is the fact that these new student pilot certificates will never expire, and CIF’s won’t have to endorse the certificate, instead they can just put it in the student’s logbook.

Another change that comes with these new requirements is that the new certificates will be plastic.

These new requirements go into effect on April 1st, so mark your calendars!

Any student that received a paper certificate before April 1st will be allowed to use it until it expires.

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