6 Tips to a Healthier Halloween

6 Tips to a Healthier Halloween

It can be tough to keep our kids healthy, especially during holiday season. And Halloween may be the scariest holiday yet, for it’s spooky factor and the excess amount of sugar.

We’re not saying you have to miss out on the fun, perhaps just make it a bit healthier!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Eat before you Trick-or-Treat.

Fill up your family with a healthy meal before going out. This keeps the snacking while you’re out and about to a minimum.

  1. Choose the right bag size.

Keep your child’s treat bag to a reasonable size. Doing this prevents collecting too many treats.

  1. Exercise.

Trick-or-Treating makes for the perfect opportunity to get some exercise. Make goals to go to so many houses or so many blocks.

  1. Check to goodies.

Be sure to check the candies being brought home for harmful or allergy inducing ingredients and expiration dates.

  1. Maintain good oral health,

Be sure to brush, especially with so much sugar!

  1. Be a trendsetter.

Start the trend in your neighborhood to handout healthy snacks such as fruit gummies or non-edible items like fun toys!

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