5 Tips to Keep Your Holiday Healthy

5 Tips to Keep Your Holiday Healthy

We all know the holidays can make it tough to keep healthy eating habits. We are surrounded by yummy sweets and delicious drinks everywhere we go. To help you with self-control this holiday, here a few tips on how to stay on track during the holidays.

  1. Healthy foods first

Fill up on the healthier options first. This will prevent unnecessary snacking.

  1. Fill up before you go out

Eat before you go to the holiday party or Christmas shopping. Again, this prevents the need for unhealthy pit-stops for food.

3.   Portion Control

To balance the sweets vs the veggies, portion everything out accordingly.

  1. Continue Normal Exercise Habits

This is where the biggest mistakes can happen. Be sure to not work yourself too hard, just continue your normal routine.

  1. Pick and Choose

Choose to indulge in your absolute favorite treats and leave the mediocre ones for others. ADDITIONAL TIP: Think about your beverages, as this is when many calories can hide.

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