The time is coming! Summer is winding down and school supplies are starting to grace us with their presence in the aisles and special sections of stores all over the state. As much as kids dread it, some parents dread it just as much. It means there are more tasks that need to be taken care of and scheduled.  Medical history, physicals, and immunizations are starting to be a topic of conversation, especially for those entering certain grades.

Alaska regulations require that all students be immunized, but does offer leniency for certain medical and religious exemptions.  All religious exemptions must be documented on an official State of Alaska Religious Exemption Form, notarized, and updated annually. All medical/disease/immunity exemptions must be documented on an official State Medical Exemption and Disease History Form, and signed by an Alaska licensed MD, DO, ANP, or PA stating the child is to be exempt.

For those within the Anchorage School District, a complete packet with required immunizations and forms can be found on their website HERE.

To get ahead, you can contact your local family doctor to get a copy of the incoming student’s immunization record, or the health department, or other provider that would have such records. Incoming kindergarteners and new to district students will also be required to undergo a physical examination for entry into the school.  Along with the physical a Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) and health history form will be needed. Most school will also provide a PPD on the premises due to the nature of how the test is read, and it provides help to those parents who work.

Again, all of the necessary forms and regulations are listed on the school district websites (ASD’s information is listed HERE). Independence Park Medical Services is more than happy to help those who are in need of services that are required for entrance into the upcoming school year if needed.

Don’t be caught without the required documents, or be rushing around at the last minute. The sooner you complete these tasks, the sooner you can enjoy the last couple weeks of summer fun.

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